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In the last episode we have looked at the most reliable and best ways to earn a career online or build a career in freelancing. Today, we will look at the remaining 5 ways or methods of the top 20 ways to earn online. In fact, if you are an expert on one topic or more, then your online income or income will be. That’s why just needing the right guidelines and trying to earn the right way. You won’t find any shortcut ways to earn online. You have to be patient and work continuously. Then after 6 months to 5 years you will see that you have come far beyond the others. So let’s not look at the remaining 5 ways or methods of the best 25 ways to earn online. And those who have not read the first article, read it immediately from the link below.

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11) Income by designing the web

If you can do good web design and development work, you can earn by ordering web design from customers who want to create new website or decorate old website.

If you are not familiar with web design and development work, learn the training first and then get started. Demand for design and development work is increasing day by day as every organization wants to have a website. Moreover, the level of website or blog site is increasing day by day. You can find work by promoting offline or through your own website online.


12) Earn as a micro-worker

If you are looking for a simple job online and want to earn $ 5 to $ 25 a month, you can work as a micro-worker.

As a micro-worker you can do a variety of different tasks such as identifying an object, rating and commenting on different sites, website visits, watching videos, finding contact details, doing small web research, writing small content and so on.

There are many websites like mTurk, MicroWorker, SEOClerk, ClickWorker, GigWalk where you can work as a micro-worker and earn extra income.


13) Income through FIVERR

Fiverr is a web platform where you can earn money by selling your digital content. Visit Fiverr’s website and see what kind of work you can do. Create one of the gigs or digital content and you can let people know about your content with Fever.

Any container sold at Fever for the lowest $ 5. So if you develop only 5 digital content or services, and if it sells 5 times per day, you can earn a minimum of $ 5 a month.


14) Earnings from YouTube

At present, revenue from YouTube channels has become a crazy topic. You can start capturing videos on anything that you are passionate about or love doing and upload it to your YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel can be about anything, like education, travel, entertainment, anything.

There is no need to make videos with professional camera lights, crew, actors. There are many successful youtubers who have succeeded by publishing videos on YouTube with smart phones in their hands. Now of course, according to the new YouTube policy, if your channel has 5 subscribers and your videos are viewed a total of 4,000 hours, you can monetize YouTube and start earning from YouTube.

All you have to do is upload regular videos to YouTube and become a YouTube Partner. People will watch better video and the more views the more revenue from the ad.

15) Income from e-commerce site

People are becoming increasingly dependent on online shopping. As a result, the status of deposit on e-commerce site or online market place. And that’s why the owners of companies like Amazon Alibaba are the world’s richest today. You can start your own e-commerce site with your friends or friends.

However, in order to be successful through e-commerce site you have to follow some tricks. Work on products that are available to you that are not yet available online. Deliver good quality products to people’s doorsteps at a somewhat lower price than rival markets. These 2 tips for success will keep you ahead in the market.

Believe me it is easier than you think it is, you just have to start over and move on.


16) Online trading by domain trading

One of the ways to make good online income is domain trading or domain business that you can do online. However, in this business you need to invest some money to buy a domain.

Before starting the domain trading business you must know the details and then start. If you invest in this line without understanding, your entire money may be lost. So first what is domain trading, which domain may be in demand in the future, research them well then name this business.

For domain trading you can buy a domain from Go Daddy or another domain hoster for $ 5 or less and sell it for hundreds of dollars in the future.

However, the success of this business will depend entirely on your ability. You need to understand what domain name will be needed in the future and buy it. Then when an organization wants to buy that domain, they will contact you. And then the pricing is completely in your hands. In addition, at various online domain auctions you can pick up the domains you have in hand and sell them at a good price.


17) Income by flipping websites

Just like domain trading, flipping websites is a better business for earning dollars online. Here you do not sell the domain, sell the website.

You need to create a website for flipping the website, then enlarge it for 3 to 6 months or more and start earning from this website.

After making an income for 2-5 months, you can pick up the site for sale at Flippa and other website flipping auctions. You can easily sell this website you created for 5 to 25 times more.


18) Earnings by trading stocks and forex

Stock Trading and Forex Trading Online is a very profitable way of income for those who have a good idea about stock trading and Forex trading.

There are free or premium courses available on the stock trading and forex trading on the internet, through which you can learn all about online trading. Besides, you can get a good idea about stock trading and forex trading after various economic online newspapers. But yes
Entering this market without sufficient knowledge is very risky.


19) Income by selling pictures online

If taking pictures is your favorite hobby, you can earn thousands of dollars a month in this hobby day. You can take good pictures of anything, including the nature, place, people, things, food, and all of them online, and sell them online.

There are big sites like Shutterstock, Fotolia, iStockfoto, Photobucket where you can submit photos you take.

Whenever a customer buys a photo you have taken, you will get the exact price of your photo.


20) Income from your smartphone

Well, all day long, we carry our smart phones. So what if you could earn some money with this smartphone in the middle of the day? Certainly not evil. You can earn dollars by doing some simple things with your smartphone. There are many applications for earning with a smart phone that will allow you to earn $ 5 to $ 5 a month online.

One of the things you need to do to make income through mobile phones is to earn app referrals, do some small surveys, signup to other websites, play games, watch videos and so on.

21)Income from SoSal Media

Social media is not just a means of communicating with friends, family, colleagues or online friends. You can make extra income every month through social media if you want to. You have all your social media eg

  • Income from Facebook
  • Income from Twitter
  • Income from Google Plus +
  • Income from Instagram
  • Can income from Linkedin

If you have a fanpage on Facebook 1 with a fan or follow a certain amount of content on other social media such as Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram or LinkedIn, you can earn by promoting different sites or brands.

Read details on Income from SoSal Media at this link

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These 20 ways to make online income are the most reliable. There are many other ways, such as email marketing, various question-answering sites, to give people advice and training on what you are proficient in, selling old products online, selling various crypto-currencies such as buying bitcoin, selling dollars online. Well, if you start working in one or more of these ways, your online income should be available shortly. To Rue. But if you want to make a long-term income online, be patient and give time to specific tasks. Today, master one thing without doing another.


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