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One way to earn online without investing in any kind of technical knowledge or money is to work on the Get Paid to GPT GPT site. And for freelancing, it is easier to work on a GPT site than Captcha and data entry. Here you can find detailed ways to earn from the top 5 GPT sites who are rich and who regularly pay. Generally, PTC sites offer the opportunity to earn through just click and grid. So it is not possible to get Unlimited Income from PTC site. Compared to this, more revenue can be generated from the GPT site.

What is a GPT site?

The GPT site means Get Paid to Complete a Job. That means you will end up doing something online and earning it. The GPT site will offer you a variety of tasks, such as email reading, surveying, ad click, short task, watching videos, listening to music, website visits, online search, like Facebook page, follow Twitter, and more.

Working on the GPT site:

  • Can be earned by doing different tasks
  • Referral facility at high commission
  • The amount of fake sites is lower than the PTC site

How much income will be working on the GPT site?

Earn GPT sites

You can earn 2 to 5 dollars a day without referrals, and you can earn $ 5 or more if you have a referral. Moreover, GPT site offers many more work with ad click so you can earn more from GPT than PTC.

  • From $.50 to $ 5 per survey
  • Add $.001 to $.04
  • Watch videos from $.01 to $.10
  • From $.001 to $.004 per Like on Facebook
  • From $.1 to $ 50 per offer
  • For small jobs, $.1  to $1

Below is a list of the top 5 GPT sites where you can earn a freelancing career by earning your online income, based on how many years GPT sites have been paying for online reviews and job offers.


1. Clicksense – CLIXSENSE

Clixsense is the best website to earn online and it works in combination with PTC site and GPT site. With ClixSense Clicksense you can earn by clicking on Ad Clicks, Offers, Surveys and more.

Join CLIXSENSE from here

2) Swagbucks – SWAGBUCKS

Cashcrate and Swagbucks offer similar offers. You can get cash dollars as well as gift cards by working on this website.

Join SWAGBUCKS from here
3) InboxDollars – INBOXDOLLARS

Get a $ 5 signup bonus right when you join InboxDollars. Although there are less offers on InboxDollars, it is one of the best websites for high income.

Join INBOXDOLLARS from here

This is a leading website inside the GPT site where you can earn money by joining various tasks such as surveys, sign up offers, watch YouTube videos, website visits and so on. You can also get a $ 1.5 signup bonus if you join.

Join CASHCRATE from here
5) TreasureTrooper -TREASURETROOPER

TreasureTrooper is a high-paying GPT site where you can earn $ 1 on general surveys and earn 20% of referral commissions from direct referrals.

6) Ojo – OJOOO WAD

In the online income world, Ojo is one of the sites where various types of jobs like ad click, survey, focus site, a free GPT (off-payment to incentive) online site where members are paid to perform and for gift cards, cash and merchandise. Replacement activities are also offered.

Join OJOOO from here

The GPT can earn money by watching videos on the website, online tasks, mini job offers, playing games and more.

Join MAKECULOUS from here

This is a GPT site that pays participants more than any other GPT website, with about 5% of their income. Earn points by completing various online jobs and offers and earn even more with cash rewards, e-cards.

Join EARNHONEY from here

PizeRebel is one of the oldest GPT sites in the world with over 5 million global members. You can earn by doing surveys, downloading offers and applications from the site. You can earn cash by winning raffles, contests and lucky numbers.

If you want to earn more, you can earn up to 20% off your friends and relatives by referencing PizeRebel on Facebook, WhatsApp and other ways.

Join EARNHONEY from here

It is also a popular GPT site that gives them the opportunity to earn through daily surveys and offers.

Join GET-PAID from here
Besides, you will find hundreds more GPT sites but these GPT sites are among those who make regular payments to their members. So if you want to build a career in freelancing, you can start working today at the GPT site and earn dollars. Also, if you have any questions about income online, please write in the comment box below. And like us on our Facebook page, stay tuned.

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