What Causes People to Fainting-Health tips 2019-2020

What Causes People to Fainting Description Symptoms are also known as syncope, foolishness, loss of knowledge, and unconsciousness. Anorexia is said to be temporarily unconscious due to decreased blood flow levels in the brain. This unconscious state lasts less than 2 minutes…Read More »

What causes orthostatic hypotension? (Orthostatic hypotension)

causes orthostatic hypotension Description Orthostatic hypotension is also known as western hypotension (postural hypotension). When blood pressure drops while lying down or lying down, it is called orthostatic hypotension. In this situation, various problems may arise due to low blood pressure. For…Read More »

Why acute chest pain (Sharp chest pain)

Why acute chest pain (Sharp chest pain)   Description Feeling uncomfortable, intense and acute pain inside the ribs. Because Related symptoms The other symptoms that can be seen with this symptom are: Shortness of breath Cough Dizziness Back pain Nausea (nausea) Arm…Read More »

Heart hurts when i breathe (Hurts to breath)

Heart hurts when i breathe (Hurts to breath) Description Breathlessness is caused by pleurisy or pleuritis. In this case, inflammation occurs in the pleura. The pleura is a type of membrane or membrane formed by the layer of tissue that is attached…Read More »

what causes diarrhea health tips 2019

Description Diarrhea is defined as having a thin closet 3 or more times a day. Diarrhea is usually caused by gastroenteritis. Anyone can have diarrhea. Symptoms of diarrhea usually last two days. However, diarrhea can be seen for several weeks as a…Read More »