Are you forgetting? Here are 11 tips on how to increase brain power, health tips 2020

As people grow old , memory of the many people starts to diminish. Scientists are researching ways to capture and enhance the performance of human brain. Scientists have come up with some ineffective ways to enhance brain performance. These problems are often alleviated through various brain exercises, exercises and proper diet. Brain performance are often easily increased by… Read More »

There are many immune mushrooms, including diabetes, cancer , health tips 2020

Mushrooms is also beneficial to our health. Therefore, mushrooms should be kept in the daily diet. Mushrooms can be eaten as salads, veggies, soups or cooked. However, you just have to eat the mushrooms that are grown and cultivated. Mushrooms that grow in the wild must not be taken. Mushrooms are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids,… Read More »

Human Papilloma virus: Symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention ,health tips 2020

Human papilloma virus (HPV) infection is a viral infection among the most common sexually transmitted infections, which is mainly due to skin contact with the skin. Most of the time due to sexual intercourse. Therefore, the virus is transmitted from a partner. Most people are at high risk of getting the virus. It infects both men and women.… Read More »

Palm Oil (Q&A)

1. What is Palm Oil? Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil produced from palm fruit pulp and is solid at room temperature. Meat pulp contains about 50% oil. Crude palm oil contains a red color due to its high carotenoid content. In Europe, palm oil is usually sold in purified form and consumed, that is, after bleach… Read More »

Silly towards eating mindless

Eat silly A scientific review found that people were given larger food packages, larger restaurant portions, and larger plates and bowls, on which occasion people ate 30% more on average, however, more than 70% believed that they They usually ate as much as they ate, and 94% strongly believed that they were the size of a package, part,… Read More »

Find out the simplest ways to get healthier by 2020

Research shows that the key to lifelong health is what experts call “lifestyle medicine” – making simple changes in diet, exercise and stress management. To help you turn that knowledge into results, we’ve put together this manageable list of health and wellness tips. We asked three experts – a natural therapist, dietitian and a personal trainer – to… Read More »